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Gut Health Benefits. Over the last few years, in excess of $1.7 billion was spent on gut microbiome research. We've tapped into numerous research publications to bring you the latest science-backed findings. Support immune system; More restorative sleep; Improved vitamin synthesis; Renewed energy & longevity; Hormonal Balance; Actionable Next Steps. We provide individualised and easy to follow recommendations, all based on natural interventions.

Personalized Food Recommendations; Prebiotic Supplements; Lifestyle adjustments. We are hard at work adding the following sections. All samples will benefit from features added at a later stage. Digestion; Autoimmune triggers; Biomesight analyzes your gut microbiome and provides gut health scores to improve with personalized food and prebiotic recommendations - unique to your current microbiome makeup. Probiotic, pathobiont and commensal bacteria reports; Short Chain Fatty Acid Producers (Butyrate, Acetate, Propionate); Toxin and Neurotransmitter Producers; Detoxification Enzymes; Vitamin Synthesis; Lactose & Oxalate Intolerance; Personalized Food & Prebiotic Supplement Recommendations; 2 to 4 week turnaround. The Science: The Biomesight microbiome test provides a snapshot of the gut microbiome utilizing 16S rRNA sequencing technology. You will receive a count and relative abundance percentage of the bacteria in your microbiome, ranging from Phylum down to the species level. 16s DNA sequencing allows us to sequence a specific region (v4) of the 16s gene, and to match these sequences to our curated bacterial database. Using this method we are able to provide relative abundances of all bacterial organisms in your sample rather than targeting just a small subset of bacteria.

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    • Everything you want to know about Biomesight
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    Methanobrevibacter - What we know about the most abundant archaea in the human gut

    Here at Biomesight, our primary focus is on gut bacteria as these comprise most of the microbiome. Most notably are the phyla Bacteroides and Firmicutes, which make up almost all microorganisms in the microbiome. This can be seen in my sample below. However, the gut is not only colonised by bacteria but also the other domains of life, Archaea and Eukarya, both of which play no small part in gut health. The gut is much more prevalent with Archaea than Eukarya, with the majority of the Archaea found in the gut belonging to the genus Methanobrevibacter. The amount of Archaea found in the gut widely varies between people, with studies finding ranges between 0.1 to 10.24 ± 4.58% coverage of the microbiome. 

    But what are Methanobrevibacter?

    This genus of Archaea are methanogens, meaning that the microbes belonging to this genus produce methane. The most prevalent species from this genus is M. smithii, overshadowing the other most prevalent species, M. stadtmanae. This is because M. smithii is more well suited to the environment of the gut microbiome. M. smithii converts the readily available hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and formate into methane. This contrasts with M. stadtmanae, which is limited to using hydrogen gas, acetate, and methanol to make methane. These methanogens need to do this since these reactions sustain the production of energy for themselves via anaerobic respiration. As M. smithii has a much greater presence in the microbiome, this will be the main focus of this article.

    M. smithii is in much higher numbers than M. stadtmanae because bacterial fermentation causes the production of SCFAs, other organic acids, alcohols, and gases such as hydrogen. Methanogens prevent the buildup of these gases and other reaction end products so the other microorganisms can continue with fermentation unimpeded. This is important because host absorption of SCFAs provide up to 10% of daily caloric intake, and the accumulation of gases such as hydrogen would decrease the efficiency of microbial fermentation and, thus, the yield of nutrients. 

    What does Methanobrevibacter do?

    So, looking at the dataset from the samples in Biomesight, the median and average relative abundance for Methanobrevibacter are 0.036% and 0.146%, respectively. This seems to imply that many of us are varying from the optimum range, which has been established as a relative abundance between 0 to 0.01% Methanobrevibacter, derived from the teachings of Dr Jason Hawrelak from Probiotic Advisor. But what does having different amounts of Methanobrevibacter do? To date, there have been many studies on Methanobrevibacter, but despite this breadth of knowledge, clear conclusions have yet to be found. While many of the studies published imply that having lower quantities is beneficial, other studies claim the opposite. While the mechanisms are unclear, it has been reported that having higher quantities of M. smithii is detrimental, so logically, lower quantities would be beneficial since it helps combat the diseases associated with M. smithii: 

    The relative abundance of Methanobrevibacter in the gut is highly correlated with the degree of flatulence. Paradoxically, less Methanobrevibacter results in more hydrogen gas being present, which also contributes to flatulence. This increased flatulence caused by hydrogen is similarly seen in lactose intolerance and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

    Positive correlation between breath methane and M. smithii in C-IBS patients 

    Methanobrevibacter presence in the gut was found to be increased in patients with multiple sclerosis [9]

    More specifically, as the number of M. smithii increased, inflammatory responses increased, causing damage associated with multiple sclerosis

    While not directly tied to the gut, it can also affect other parts of the body

    M. smithii found in muscle abscesses 

    M. smithii found in the lungs of patients with severe pneumonia 

    M. smithii found together with M. oralis in the sinuses of patients with refractory sinusitis 

    Although UTIs are typically associated with bacteria, M. smithii has been found co-cultured with bacteria in urine samples from patients with UTIs 

    M. smithii was reported to be found in the vagina only in patients suffering from vaginosis and was absent in healthy individuals 

    It has been suggested that M. smithii is involved in mixed infections by promoting the growth of the pathogenic bacteria through mutually beneficial interactions 

    While unclear exactly how, it is thought that this is because methanogens control the production of essential substances used by these bacteria in diseases such as tonsillar phlegmon.

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