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As the perfect day to trick your family and friends, April Fool’s Day is one of those times of the year where you can prank someone using a practical joke. As a festive day, April Fool’s Day is celebrated worldwide and during this time, people spread hoaxes. After the prank, the one who pulled the prank usually shouts “April Fools” as a way of informing the other party that it was a prank.

The origins of Aprils Fools Day can be traced back to the 1500s when people started using the Gregorian calendar and not the Julian. Due to the change, many people continued to celebrate New Year on April 1st which was the wrong date. As a result, they were referred to as “April Fool’s.”

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    Everything you want to know about April Fools Day
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    During this festive day, newspapers and the media around the world also pull pranks by publishing fake stories. For instance, in 1957, BBC pulled a prank on its viewers by showing Swiss farmers picking fresh spaghetti from their farms. After the broadcast, people called BBC with requests that they want to purchase a spaghetti plant. What they never knew was that it was a hoax!

    The Guardian also pulled a prank back in 1977. They published a feature about the fictional San Serriffe islands located in the Indian Ocean. In the travel feature, the Guardian added adverts from Kodak who were also in on the joke. Today, it is regarded as the best April Fools prank ever to be pulled by the Guardian.

    Burger King also pulled an April Fool’s prank back in 1999. The prank which was titled as the “Left-Handed Whopper burger” is still remembered even today. Burger King started by taking a full page advert in USA Today with the goal of promoting their “new product.” In the advert, Burger King announced that the “new product” was loaded with ingredients and condiments in the reverse direction. As a result, the weight of the sandwich was skewed to the left.

    In 2013, YouTube also pulled an April Fool’s prank. They teamed up with The Onion, a satirical website. The YouTube video titled “YouTube’s ready to select a winner” was published by the company. Since the site was running a competition at the time, they announced that all the entries had been received and now they will be closing down YouTube.

    Today, it has become a tradition for people around the world to pull pranks of harmless varieties on April 1st on people who are dear to them. During this festive day, people plot and scheme finally sending the little kid in them on a fun rampage. On that day, it is quite difficult to trust anyone close to you for fear of being pranked.

    At 1001vouchercodes.co.uk, you can trust us! We will not pull a prank on you.

    April Fool’s has arrived. While it’s another moment for you to pull a practical joke on your family, friends and work colleagues, you can also save when shopping for gifts and household supplies. At 1001vouchercodes.co.uk, we have listed April Fools voucher codes for you to save when shopping during this festive day.

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    April Fools Day Voucher codes

    Are you looking for vouchers or voucher codes for April Fools Day. Then you are in luck. At 1001vouchercodes.co.uk, we update our list of voucher codes on a daily basis. Our dedicated team works round the clock searching for the latest voucher codes to help you save on your next purchase. If you browse to the top of the page, you should see a list of the latest voucher codes available at April Fools Day.

    This listing was last updated on 15 May 2022 .

    At 1001vouchercodes.co.uk, we would like to help our online visitors save when shopping or staying at their favourite hotels in the UK. As a result, we offer voucher codes for over 20,000 online shops based in the UK apart from April Fools Day. Each brand has a wide range of promotional codes, offers and voucher codes to help you save on your next purchase.

    April Fools Day specific products

    There are voucher codes designed for specific products while others can be used for a wide range of products. Basically, it’s a surprise we give our online visitors and they are all available on our website.

    All voucher codes available at 1001vouchercodes.co.uk can be used when shopping or booking hotels in the UK. That is not all. We offer promotional codes from brands and stores in Brazil, China, and Europe. As a result, we offer the best of both worlds.

    To ensure our online visitors discover the best and latest voucher codes and deals from April Fools Day, we have listed all of them on our website. By doing so, not only have we saved time for our online visitors but also we have made it easier for them to discover the best and latest voucher codes on offer. So, if you will be making your next purchase at April Fools Day, we recommend you use offers and voucher codes from our website – 1001vouchercodes.co.uk. The good news is that our vouchers are free. No registration required!

    April Fools Day register is not needed

    Although you don’t have to register for our voucher codes and best deals, we recommend that you sign up for our monthly newsletter. Each month, our newsletter contains the best bargains, the latest voucher codes, and offers. We also include the best online shops that offer great savings so you can save on your next shopping trip.

    What is a April Fools Day voucher code?

    A April Fools Day voucher code is a unique code containing alphanumeric designed to help you save when booking for hotels in the UK. Also called promotional code, discount code, voucher or promo code, online stores from around the world use such unique code to help their customers save on certain orders.

    How can I use April Fools Day voucher codes?

    April Fools Day voucher codes can be used in two simple ways. The first method is where you click on “SHOW CODE”, copy and paste the code to your shopping cart. In the second method, click on “VIEW OFFER” and you will be automatically redirected to the online store. Here, the discount will be applied automatically.

    How to find coupon codes at 1001vouchercodes.co.uk?

    Start by locating your favourite store using the search bar on our website. If you are looking for a specific brand or product, add the name of the brand or product in the search bar. You can also locate your favourite online stores using “CATEGORIES” and “SHOPS A-Z.”

    To use the voucher code from April Fools Day, click “SHOW CODE” or “VIEW OFFER.”

    Did the voucher code appear? If not, click on the button with the following label “COPY.”

    If the modal is not showing any voucher codes, click on the big blue button “VISIT April Fools Day.”

    From the April Fools Day website, choose one or more products and add them to your shopping cart. Once you are done shopping, take a close look at your shopping cart. Are you able to see the option where you are allowed to add your promo code, voucher or voucher code? Paste the voucher code in the space provided and the discount should be applied immediately.

    If the voucher code is not applied immediately, it means the voucher code may have expired and now, it’s not valid. In addition, it may mean that the voucher code is not valid for that specific product. In such a case, get a new voucher code from 1001vouchercodes.co.uk. Read the terms of the voucher code beforehand.

    If successful, share our website, voucher, voucher codes and promotional codes with your family and friends so that they can save too when shopping or booking for hotels from their favourite online store.

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    During the 1700s, English pranksters started playing practical jokes on each other and before they knew it, the date – April 1st - was marked as the All Fool’s Day. The holiday spread throughout Britain in the 18th century before spreading to the rest of the world.

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