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Abrosoft FantaMorph is powerful and easy-to-use morphing software for the creation of fantastic photo morphing pictures and sophisticated animation effects. With our revolutionary rendering engine and a super-friendly user interface, creating morphing pictures and action sequences from still images has never been easier and faster! FantaMorph is a superior one-stop picture morphing software program that empowers users with the tools to add unique and exciting visual effects to screen savers, web graphics, music videos, advertisements, movies, educational software, presentations, email, greeting cards, and various other electronic documents. Use your amazing morph movies and morphing pictures in countless ways. You won't be disappointed with the professional quality of your FantaMorph projects. FantaMorph is professional photo-animation software, and yes it's also a valuable and sophisticated toy for personal entertainment.

With Abrosoft FantaMorph, you can do everything a professional animation director does to create amazing images and animations. FantaMorph supports most image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, and even professional 32-bit with alpha formats. Exporting to Image Sequence, AVI, QuickTime, Animated GIF, Flash, Screen Saver, Standalone EXE and other formats are supported. You can crop, rotate, flip, adjust color, add caption or some cool effects for the source images and the final movie, all with FantaMorph's built-in tools, without having to go to any additional software.

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    • Everything you want to know about Abrosoft
      Know everything about Voucher codes, offers and discounts atAbrosoft

    Abrosoft FantaMorph is distributed as SHAREWARE, also known as TBYB (TRY BEFORE YOU BUY) software. You can download the 30-day trial version for free and install it on your computer for evaluation purpose.

    Below is a list of all the features of FantaMorph. (Note that some features are only available in Pro or Deluxe.)

    File Format

    • Import - BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, TGA, PCX, GIF, WMF, EMF, AVI, includes 32-bit with alpha BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, TGA
    • Export Image - BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PCX, GIF includes 32-bit with alpha BMP, TIFF, PNG, TGA
    • FME/FMD - Import/export FME (FantaMorph Editing Frame) and FMD (FantaMorph Point File)
    • Export Movie - AVI (uncompressed, compressed, 32-bit), QuickTime, Animated GIF, SWF, HTML, Screen Saver, Standalone EXE

    Source Images Edit

    • Import - From Open File dialog with preview; drag and drop from built-in image viewer; drag and drop from other applications
    • Crop - Drag and drop to crop; free size or maintain aspect ratio; crop to outside
    • Rotate - 180°, 90° CW, 90° CCW, arbitrary angle
    • Flip - Flip Horizontal, flip Vertical
    • Adjustment - Brightness, contrast, red, green, blue, hue, saturation, negative, gray
    • Filter - Smooth, bur, Gaussian blur, zoom blur, radial blur, sharpen, emboss, mosaic, oil paint, splash, cylinder, whirl, pinch
    • Caption - Add caption for each source image, set font name, size, color, border, alignment, shadow and position
    • Swap - Swap two source images
    • View - Smoothly scale from 12.5% to 800%, mouse wheel scrolling to scale up to 1600%
    • Grid - Allow show/hide grid
    • Undo/Redo - Allowed for all features of source images edit

    Key Dots

    • Style - Total 10 normal styles and 10 highlighting styles;
    • Color - Any chosen, single color for all dots; or cycle through 8 basic colors (red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, purple, white, black)
    • Effect - Anti-aliasing; can set alpha (transparency) from 64 to 255
    • Line - Connect any two dots with a line segment; group and organize key dots with lines
    • Highlight - Highlight a dot pair when mouse over a dot; Highlight all connected dots and lines when mouse over a line (click not necessary)
    • Show - Allow show/hide key dots, lines, triangle mesh and morph track

    Key Dots Edit

    • Edit Tools - 6 edit tools; supports keyboard shortcuts; use Spacebar to switch to Hand tool; use ALT key to switch between zoom in/out
    • Add - Combine the two options "Auto Add Corresponding Dot" and "Auto Jump to Corresponding Dot" to get your own favorite dot adding mode
    • Delete - Right-click to delete one dot directly
    • Move - Drag & Drop to move one dot
    • Add Line - Directly add a series of dots connected by a line; connect any two dots with a line segment
    • Insert Dot - Insert a dot into a line segment
    • Delete Line - Delete a line segment and break the connected dots
    • Move Line - Drag & Drop a line segment along with all connected dots and lines
    • Multiple - Rectangle marquee to select; hold SHIFT/ALT to add/subtract selection; click a line segment to select; move, scale, rotate, skew, flip, copy, cut, delete, paste multiple dots with connected lines
    • Select All - Select all dots
    • Clear All - Clear all dots
    • Matching - Automatically manage corresponding dots; show paired dots and unpaired dots with different colors; automatically generate corresponding dots on suitable positions
    • Magnifier - Magnifies the area under and around the mouse cursor up to 4x
    • Undo/Redo - Allow for all features of key dots edit
    • Dots Count - 2048 max


    • Length - 2 to 999 frames; set length by frames or by time
    • Prolong Begin and End Views- Set the prolonged frames of Image 1 and Image 2 separately from 0 to 999 frames
    • Add - Add a continued sequence where Image 2 of the previous sequence becomes Image 1 of the new sequence; add a blank sequence
    • Delete - Delete a sequence
    • Duplicate - Duplicate a sequence
    • Visibility - Show/hide a sequence
    • Name - Give a name for a sequence
    • Move - Move a sequence up/down, bring to top or send to bottom of the sequence list
    • Connect - Make two adjacent sequences connected seamlessly
    • Frame Copy - Copy a source image with its key dots to another sequence
    • Curve - Use Feature/Shape/Master/Track curve to control the morph process; choose from curve library; customize curve
    • Camera - Pan/zoom/rotate each morphing frame through a customized track; change proportion; preview Camera effect in real time; load and save
    • Effect - Back color, background, mask, foreground, transition, light, trail, radial; set different effects for each sequence
    • Morph Type - 7 morph types (Morph Image 1 to Image 2, Morph and Hold Image 1, Warp Image 1, Warp Image 2, Fade Out Image 1, Fade In Image 2, Direct)
    • Morph Type Options - 2 morph type options


    • Size - Matching with source images; 6 fixed size or any custom size
    • Length - Unlimited (only limited by your system resource)
    • Effect - Set back color, background, mask, foreground, light, sound for the whole movie
    • Adjustment - Brightness, contrast, red, green, blue, hue, saturation, negative, gray
    • Filter - Smooth, bur, Gaussian blur, zoom blur, radial blur, emboss, mosaic, oil paint, splash, cylinder, whirl, pinch
    • Caption - Add caption for the whole movie, set font name, size, color, border, alignment, shadow and position
    • Preview - Preview all the sequences or only one sequence; preview morphing effects of current frame in real time; fast scroll to preview all frames from 0% to 100% in 1% increments; mouse wheel scrolling to preview all frames one by one; preview in full screen
    • 32-bit Preview - Use checkerboard background instead of pure black background to preview 32-bit morphs with alpha
    • View - Smoothly scale from 12.5% to 800%, mouse wheel scrolling to scale up to 1600%; pan/zoom source images and preview windows simultaneously
    • Play - Play morphing movie in real time without exporting to a file; play in full screen
    • Play Control - Play/pause; Go to the first, the last, the previous, the next frame; auto loop; auto reverse
    • Play Speed - 1 to 60 frames per second


    • Background - Single color; or any chosen image; can set opacity from 0 to 100
    • Mask - 256 level grayscale bitmap (could use any image to create strange effect); can set intensity from -100 to 100
    • Foreground - 32-bit with alpha image; can set opacity from 0 to 100
    • Transition - 256 level grayscale bitmap; can adjust transition border from 0 to 100
    • Light - 256 level grayscale bitmap; can adjust bright intensity and dark intensity from 0 to 100
    • Trail - Motion trail; motion blur; can set trail color and intensity from 0 to 100
    • Radial - Can set radial color and intensity from 0 to 100
    • Sound - Supports WAV and MP3 format; export to AVI, Flash, Screen Saver and EXE; repeat, cut, fade in/out
    • Animated - Can set camera for each visual effect


    • Export Frame - Export current morphing frame to a image file or FME or FMD
    • Export Range - All sequences; current sequence; sequence range
    • Export Movie - Export morphing movie to image sequence files, AVI movie, Animated GIF, Flash movie, Web page, Screen Saver, Standalone EXE
    • Export Image - Export optional 32-bit image; set DPI for exported image files
    • Export AVI - Choose a codec to export compressed AVI, export uncompressed AVI or 32-bit AVI
    • Export QuickTime - Only available in FantaMorph Deluxe version 5.1.6 or later
    • Export Animated GIF - Export looping or non-looping, opaque or transparent Animated GIF
    • Export Flash - Export looping or non-looping Flash; add a URL to the resulting Flash
    • Export Size - Depends on display card if hardware acceleration is enabled, or up to 16384 x 16384 pixels when hardware acceleration is disabled
    • Export Frame Rate - 1 to 60 frames per second; 29.97 fps for NTSC AVI movies
    • JPEG, Flash Quality - 0 to 100
    • Cancel Export - Allowed
    • Export Reverse Frames - Export reverse morphing frames to movie
    • Export Source Video Clip - Export source video clips
    • Remove Duplicated Frame - Eliminate the duplicated frame from the end or the beginning of two adjacent sequences
    • Auto Save Before Export - Automatically save current project before export
    • Auto Open after Export - Automatically open resulting file with the system associated program
    • Delete Results - Can delete result file(s) directly
    • Share Results - Launch default email program to send result file(s)


    • Print - Print source images, preview and all morphing frames
    • Settings - Add captions; change position, size; Page Setup
    • Print Preview - What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) display


    • Diagnose Morphing Capacity - Test preview and export capacities of your computer
    • Test Morphing Performance - Test image morphing performance of your computer
    • New Project Wizard - Create a morph project by this step 1-2-3 wizard


    • Image Viewer - Fast preview all supported format images with thumbnails; supports drag and drop
    • Image Sequence Packer - Pack a series of all supported format images to create a new movie
    • Face Extractor - Automatically extract the face portion from an image
    • Face Locator - Automatically detect the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and place key dots on appropriate positions; place key dots on multiple faces of a source image
    • Face Model - Customize the face model for feature detection; remove unwanted dots; highlight important dots
    • Face Mixer - Mix the feature/shape of multiple real faces to compose a virtual face
    • Face Library - Collect and store source images along with key dots in a classified library

    User Interface

    • Skin - Choose a skin from 3 built-in skins: Standard, MAC, Blue
    • Custom Skin - Import FantaMorph Skin Files (.fms)
    • Split - Split Image 1 & 2 & Preview area
    • View Mode - Switch to one of 6 view modes (Full, Edit Only, Preview Only, Frame Sequence, Dual View, Full Screen) at any time; support dual monitor
    • Language - Supports multi-languages


    • Memory Management - Intelligent memory management technique, load unlimited or huge source images in one project
    • Morphing Server - Integrate FantaMorph into your own application

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