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Apple Store Voucher Code ☆ November 2021 Black Friday UK

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Apple is a notable American computer expertise company with more than 30years history since its foundation of 1977. It has released many popular products for the daily use of Apple fans including numerous hardware items in the series of Apple iMac, PowerMac, ibook and Powerbook. Both the high quality products and advanced concept have always been one of a mainstream trend and caused many prevalent tides. With fully concern on the benefit of every customer, sources the most valuable Apple voucher codes, discount codes and promotional vouchers to realize the least payment.

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  1. 2021-11-25 22:46:39 - Black Friday Coals 2 U Offer, 10% off all products (some exclusions… Coals 2 U
  2. 2021-11-25 22:39:35 - Black Friday Wallpaper 20% Off Sitewide Wallpaper
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Apple Store Deals • 26/11/2021

Coupon Black Friday 2021 Apple Store Take the opportunity to get a gift card of up to £40 from the Apple Store!

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    • Everything you want to know about Apple Store
      Know everything about Voucher codes, offers and discounts atApple Store

    The Foundation Of Apple

    In 1976, Apple was founded by three men: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne with the intention of selling Wozniak's hand-built Personal Computer named Apple 1.

    The first Apple office

    The first Apple office, in the garage of Steve Jobs' childhood home

    The Apple 1 was sold as a motherboard with CPU, RAM and basic textual-video chips. It then lacked a built-in keyboard, monitor, case or any other Human Interface Devices (which was later added in 1977).

    In July 1976, the Apple 1 went on sale and was sold for $666.66. Steve Wozniak took a special liking for repeated numbers and hence the fancy number as the price.

    A group of people sitting at a tableDescription automatically generated

    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the Apple-1 | Source:

    However, Ronald Wayne decided to leave the company only a couple of weeks after it was founded. Wayne then took a cheque of $800 which would have been worth almost $72 billion 40 years later. Wayne was the one to hand sketch the first Apple logo which was then replaced by the bitten apple logo designed by Rob Janoff in 1977.

    apple's first logo

    History of apple logo

    History of Apple logo

    The Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated on January 3rd, 1977. Mike Markkula, the multimillionaire who had taken interest in the Apple-1 provided the company required funding and business expertise. Mike Markkula was the 3rd employee with a one-third share in the company. He suggested a man named Michael Scott be the company's first president and CEO as he thought Steve was too young and undisciplined to be the CEO.

    Steve & Mike

    Steve & Mike | Source: businessinsider

    The Apple II And III

    It was in 1977 that the Apple II was introduced, also by Wozniak. VisiCalc (the world's first 'killer-app'), a ground-breaking spreadsheet and calculating software helped the Apple II computers to stand ahead of market leaders Tandy and Commodore PET. VisiCalc gave users an additional reason to buy the Apple II because of its office compatibility. With the introduction of colour graphics, the Apple II was able to revolutionize the computer industry.

    Apple 2

    The Apple II | Source: businessinsider

    By 1978, Apple had a real office with several employees and an Apple II production line.

    In the years that followed, revenues grew exponentially for the Apple company doubling every four months. Their yearly sales grew from $775,000 to $118 million between September 1977 and September 1980 (average annual growth rate of 533%).

    Jobs and several employees were allowed to visit the Xerox PARC lab in 1979. It is world famous for the laser printer, mouse, ethernet networking and other technological accomplishments. Jobs and his engineers visited the PARC campus in return for the option to buy 100,000 shares of apple for $10 a share.

    By the year 1980, the competition was growing difficult with IBM and Microsoft in the market. Apple released Apple III in the same year to compete with these companies in the corporate computing market. The Apple III was not as successful due to a design flaw. In order to reduce noise, Jobs insisted computers not have fans or vents which in turn created problems due to dangerous overheating. Thus, the Apple III lost to IBM computers.

    However, Jobs had been convinced from the visit to the Xerox PARC labs that all future computers required to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) like the ones used today. He immediately began the development of a GUI for Apple's next generation computer, Apple Lisa.

    Unfortunately, Jobs was removed from the Lisa team due to infighting and became a part of the low-cost-computer project, the Macintosh. Lisa was released in 1983 and met with disastrous sales due to its high price and limited software support.

    Apple went public on December 12, 1980, at $22 per share. According to EDN Network, Apple's $4.6 million shares sold out immediately and generated more capital than any other IPO (Initial Public Offering) since the Ford Motor Company in 1956. The IPO created $217 million in wealth for Steve Jobs, the largest shareholder. The company's IPO also created 300 other millionaires instantly.

    The Macintosh

    After being replaced from the Lisa team, Jobs became the lead of the Macintosh team. The Apple Macintosh is known as the most user-friendly computer to date. It is also known as the first mass-market personal computer to feature an integral GUI and mouse.

    The Macintosh, unlike Lisa, was a success thanks to the intense marketing with the iconic '1984' commercial directed by Ridley Scott which aired during the Super Bowl and never again.Even though the graphics hardware used was very expensive, Apple decided to sell the Macintosh for a price that would put it in the reach of home users. Its black and white graphics and visual abilities attracted design professionals and it was particularly successful in the desktop publishing market due to it's the same. It had a carrying handle which made it portable and it looked friendly too.

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    The Macintosh was priced at $2,495 and went on sale in January 1984. It was good value for the money although not cheap. By the beginning of May 1984, 70,000 units were shipped as a result of the '1984' commercial.

    In 1983, around the time of launch of the Macintosh, Jobs hired John Sculley as the new Apple CEO when Mark Markkula, the second CEO wanted to retire. Scully was the youngest CEO of Pepsi during the time, but jobs brought him to Apple with the legendary question 'Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?'

    First Macintosh launch

    However, tension grew between Jobs and Sculley when the Macintosh failed to break IBM's dominance. Moreover, Jobs liked doing things his own way while Sculley wanted strict oversight on future products as both Lisa and the Macintosh had not been able to compete with IBM and others at the time.

    Vouchers to save at Apple Store

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    What is a Apple Store voucher code?

    This is a unique code generated by a computer algorithm designed to offer you discounts on your next order. Also referred to as a promotional code, discount code or promo code, online stores from around the world use the alphanumeric code to offer discounts to their customers.

    How can I use Apple Store discount code?

    Our voucher codes can be used in two ways. In method one, click 'SHOW CODE', copy and paste it into your shopping cart. Method two is where you click on 'VIEW OFFER' and you should be directed to the webshop. Here, the discount will be applied immediately.

    How to locate voucher codes at

    Start by looking for your favourite store using the search function at the top of this page. If you are in search of a specific brand or product, type the name in the search bar. You can use the following function 'CATEGORIES' or 'SHOPs A-Z.'

    You can also copy the voucher from Apple Store by clicking at 'VIEW OFFER' or 'SHOW OFFER.'

    If the voucher code is not showing, copy it by clicking 'COPY'. If the modal is not showing, click on the big blue button with the label 'VISIT Apple Store.'

    At Apple Store, you can select one or more products and add them to your shopping cart. Once you are done shopping, take a close look at the shopping cart for the space made available for your promo code. Before checkout, enter the discount code in the space provided and it should be applied automatically.

    Check to ensure the voucher code is added correctly. If the voucher is not valid, then it has expired. In addition, the voucher may be valid for another product. In such a case, get another voucher code that applies for that product. Don't forget to read the terms of the discount code.

    If you are successful in applying the code, share our website, voucher codes, promotional codes and offers with family and friends so that they can save too.


    Are there any discount codes available for Apple Store?

    At the moment there are codes available and 5 offers at Apple Store.

    How much benefit can I get from Apple Store?

    In the past 30 days, 0 visitors saved an average of 65% at Apple Store. There are sometimes also free shipping promotions active.

    How can I redeem a Apple Store discount code?

    To use a Apple Store coupon, copy the code with the mouse and paste the code into the appropriate field during check out. Please note that discount coupons sometimes do not work with all orders. Sometimes you can also redeem the coupon at the physical store.

    How many offers does Apple Store have on average?

    There are codes available today and 5 offers at Apple Store. On average, Apple Store 5 has coupons and/or promotions online

    Are the discounts valid for everything on Apple Store?

    You can save money at Apple Store by using one of the current Apple Store coupons from At the moment you can save a maximum of 65%.

    Until when are the discounts valid on Apple Store?

    Each promotion code of Apple Store has an expiration date, the code can only be redeemed before this date. Some Apple Store offers do not have an expiration date, then the promo code is valid until Apple Store runs out of stock of this item.

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