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ASICS is a sportswear company mainly focused on shoes. They also offer other sportswear items, such as socks, headbands, running shorts, and sports bras. With products made specifically for your favorite sports, if you have a family who likes to play sports together, the ASICS has clothing to meet the needs of the whole family. With shoes created for all ages, from toddlers to adults, whether you're playing tennis together or running around your neighborhood as a family, they offer the perfect shoes for every family member's needs. A big advantage of buying ASICS shoes and apparel is that they aren't just made for athletes who want a specific style. Instead, his shoes and clothes appeal to any athlete, regardless of his preferences. Being active doesn't have to cost a fortune thanks to the trader's affordable sports shoes, clothing and accessories. can be used to save even more on selections such as running, tennis, volleyball and training shoes.

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ASICS is one of the most popular and well-known footwear and sportswear brands in the world. Although many people see it as just another athletic shoe company, ASICS is more than meets the eye. It is a company that focuses on technology, not only in the production of its shoes, but also in the way each new pair of shoes is designed. Perhaps the correct way to write ASICS is with all capital letters, as it comes from a Latin phrase: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. The English meaning translates as "a healthy mind in a healthy body". The concept of the mind-body connection was, as we will see in the next bullet point, not a 21st century invention. Let's talk about style, the brand's Tiger line is the result of a brainstorming session between the Singapore artist and the boss of Limited Edt Mark Ong and the creative team of ASICS. The inspiration came from the torrential downpours that are common in NGO's hometown and people around the world can relate to the seasonal downpours during the mild seasons. Rain has never stopped dedicated runners from running, so ASICS developed the Tiger line to fill another void in the athletic footwear industry.

The ASICS approach to running shoe design and creation is largely conservative.

This means that people who are looking for style and fashion rather than performance probably won't spend the money on a pair of ASICSs. The thing is, there isn't a huge visual difference between the ASICS trainer models and their hyper-fast racing brands. But when it comes to that aforementioned quality of feel, Runners are light and flat, making them a favorite of many serious runners.

Even if it looks like the ASICS brand both for serious and semi-professional sports professionals only, the fact that this is a high quality shoe designed for a specific purpose means you get the best footwear technology in the world that is not just meant to boost your performance , but also to minimize the risk of injury. This is a little known truth about the ASICS brand among the general public. In fact, you might pay more for a pair of Nike or Adidas and still not get the same level of commitment to quality and safety as with the ASICS.

ASICS, which stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a Latin phrase meaning "A healthy mind in a healthy body", is one of the leading brands for sports enthusiasts. Using advanced technologies and innovative strategies, ASICS develops sportswear designed for comfort and performance enhancement. Founded in 1949, ASICS has a long history of helping athletes become the best they can be with its products. Visit coupon codes to save even more on your sports gear.

At ASICS, sustainability is in our DNA. When our founder Kihachiro Onitsuka established his business in 1949, he wanted the company to be a force for positive change: a way of giving young people sense of direction in life through sport and fitness. Over time, this idea developed into a broader social purpose, enshrined in our corporate philosophy.We aim to include social and environmental considerations in all our business decisions, and to work with business partners that share our commitment to a sustainable and fair sporting goods industry.

To reduce the environmental impact of our products and manufacturing processes, we seek to integrate sustainability as basic principle in their design. We also address the impact of our own operations, our supplier operations and how we get our products to points of sale, our employees are our most valuable asset. We aim to nurture a corporate culture where company growth and personal development can go hand in hand. We want to be a positive influence on the communities where we live and work. We do this through charitable donations, other philanthropic activities and by stimulating healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.


Kihachiro Onitsuka founded ASICS in 1949 to realize his desire to nurture the youth of Japan through sports and contribute to the development of society. Our founding philosophy of "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano (A Sound Mind in a Sound Body)" represents our wish that people all over the world will live healthful and happy lives in both body and mind.

Health consciousness is growing all over the world, and the very definition of sports is changing. Also, with the development of digital and other new technologies, there are novel ways to enjoy sports. Next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020* will also be a tailwind for sports in Japan.

In a society in which people with different values enjoy sports and live more enriching lifestyles, ASICS will use its intelligent technology to contribute to realizing an environment in which people will feel more familiar with sports.

This year marks 70 years since ASICS' founding. The social significance of sports is growing more than ever in modern society. Sports are an important element in living longer and more healthful lives, in feeling more fulfilled, and in crossing national and cultural boundaries to bring the world together.

Our mission―in the past, today, and into the future―is to contribute to a healthful and sustainable society and to bring joy to the people of the world through sports. We will keep working toward our goal.

ASICS is Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner (Sporting Goods)

Company name: ASICS Corporation

Founded: September 1, 1949

Incorporated: July 21, 1977

Three companies, Onitsuka, GTO and JELENK merged and ASICS Corporation was founded

President and CEO, Representative Director: Motoi Oyama

President and COO, Representative Director: Yasuhito Hirota

Stock exchange listings: The first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Cash paid 23,972 million yen (December 31, 2019)

number of employees: 9,039 (consolidated) 905 (unconsolidated) (December 31, 2019)

Main Business: Manufacture and sale of sporting goods

Annual sales: 378,050 million yen (consolidated) 24,605 ​​million yen (unconsolidated) (December 31, 2019)

Offices: Head Office

Minatojima-Nakamachi 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-8555, Japan

ASICS Institute of Sport Sciences Takatsukadai 6-chome, Nishi-ku, Kobe, 651-2271, Japan

Shibuya Office

MFPR SHIBUYA, 1-2-5, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan

Consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates: Japan: 8 abroad: 51 (America, Europe, Oceania / South East ・ South Asia, East Asia and others) December 31, 2019


The ASICS Group (hereinafter, the 'Group') aims for corporate governance so that it can continually raise corporate value and realize an expeditious and highly transparent management conducive to a company that can be relied on by all its stakeholders, particularly its shareholders. As part of this, while working on the development of business management systems, the Group strives for enhancement of supervision and the audit function of corporate management and internal control, the rigorous application of compliance, the improvement of transparency of management activities, and other efforts, and it exercises care to reflect the viewpoint of shareholders in management.

Moreover, the Group's basic policy on corporate conduct is to conduct business operations in line with the 'Corporate Philosophy' set forth below in order to realize its vision to 'Create Quality Lifestyle through Intelligent Sport Technology' based on the founding philosophy stated in ASICS SPIRIT, 'Anima Sana In Corpore Sano: A sound mind in a sound body.'

Provide valuable products and services through sport to all our customers

Fulfill our social responsibility and help improve conditions for communities around the world

Share profits brought by our sound services with our shareholders, communities and employees

Maintain a spirit of freedom, fairness and discipline, respectful of all individuals


Kihachiro Onitsuka Founds Onitsuka Co., Ltd.


After returning home from the war in 1945, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka establishes ONITSUKA Shokai in Kobe in 1949. In the same year, the company is reorganized as ONITSUKA Co., Ltd. with four employees and a capitalization of 300,000 yen.

Later, the company name is changed to ASICS, an acronym for the Latin expression "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" ("You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body"), a quote from the Roman satirist Juvenal. The proverb is suggested to Mr. Onitsuka by a wartime friend offering business advice, Mr. Kohei Hori, who at the time is Director of Health and Physical Education at the Hyogo Prefecture Board of Education. The words make a deep impression on Mr. Onitsuka, inspiring his dedication to making athletic shoes with the aim of nurturing healthy young people through sports

Mitsuji Teranishi is Appointed Representative Director of Teranishi Genzo Trading Company


In 1949, Mitsuji Teranishi is appointed Representative Director of Teranishi Genzo Trading Company, the forerunner of GTO Co., Ltd.

Teranishi Genzo Trading Company is established in 1948 in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. In 1895, Jisaburo Teranishi, the founding father of GTO Co., Ltd., encourages local people to make hand-combed nets for hammocks as a side business, and begins sales of their products. Starting with nets for hammocks and sports use, the business expands into mountaineering goods, fishing wear, and skiwear.


First Basketball Shoe is Released


A Basketball shoe is the first sports athletic shoe made by ONITSUKA Co., Ltd.

At the time, basketball shoes are thought to be the most difficult athletic shoe to manufacture, but Mr. Onitsuka feels that "if he can overcome a high hurdle at the start, he will be able to continue overcoming other hurdles as well".
Mr. Onitsuka gives prototypes of his shoes to players at one of the leading basketball powerhouses of the day, where the shoes are repeatedly tested and refined, until the first model is released in the spring of 1950.

Suction Cup Basketball Shoe is Released


The model released in 1950 reflects gradual improvements to achieve the stopping, turning, and dashing performance required for basketball. Mr. Onitsuka has an epiphany at the sight of vinegared octopus on his dinner table, an episode that inspires the development of his suction cup Basketball shoes.

By deepening the dimples over the entire sole to resemble octopus suction cups, both starting and stopping performance are improved. The first prototype generates too much stopping power, but improvements are made based on testing by actual players.

INSTITUTE OF SPORT SCIENCE The ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) embodies the corporate vision to 'Create Quality Lives through Intelligent Sport Technology.' Maintaining 'human-centric science', the Institute focuses on the analyzes of natural movements and actions. Developing and working with unique materials, ISS continues to lead innovation within the industry.


1977 - Establishment of the Technology Research Section

ASICS headquarters in Osaka founded the first Technology Research Section for research on apparel products."

1980 - Establishment of the Shoe Fundamental Research Section

ASICS Shoes Department (factory in Kobe) founded the first Shoe Fundamental Research Division within the Footwear Planning and Development section."

1982 - Opening of Shoe Development Center

ASICS Shoe Research and Development Division moved to Suma Ward, Kobe and opened a new facility."

1985 - The ASICS Institute of Sport Science was born

When ASICS moved its headquarters to Kobe Port Island (in Chuo Ward, Kobe), The ASICS Institute of Sport Science was founded by the consolidation of the Technology Research Department and Shoe Development Center."

1990 - Center Completion of The ASICS Institute of Sport Science

The ASICS Institute of Sport Science and Human Resource Development Center (later renamed ASICS R&D Center) was completed in Nishi Ward, Kobe."

2015 - Expansion and renovation of the Institute

ASICS expanded the scope of the Institute and rebuilt the Institute to strengthen research and development."

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At the moment there are 1 codes available and 3 offers at Asics.

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Each promotion code of Asics has an expiration date, the code can only be redeemed before this date. Some Asics offers do not have an expiration date, then the promo code is valid until Asics runs out of stock of this item.

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ASICS is one of the best known brands for racing lovers. The name ASICS comes from the Latin acronym "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" and sums up the brand's vision that the best way to generate happiness and achieve a healthy life is to promote sport. One of the most famous products of ASICS are the Kayano shoes, very popular with running lovers. Use coupons from ASICS to buy your next pair of tennis shoes, whether you want solid color shoes or brightly colored shoes to make you stand out on the court. You may want to buy your next pair of volleyball or basketball shorts with ASICS promo codes from Take your performance to a new level with the ASICS Official online store. Free delivery on the latest premium new runnin shoes.

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