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BlaBlaCar Discount Code ☆ July 2021 UK

BlaBlaCar Coupon Codes UK ✂ up to 10% discount in July 2021 ✅ 1 offers and Discount Codes at BlaBlaCar ⭐ already 0 times used

HOW IT ALL BEGAN - Fred (founder of BlaBlaCar) found it difficult to try to visit his family in the French countryside at Christmas 2003, as he did not own a car and train tickets were sold out. After pleading with his sister to pick him up, they went down the road and Fred noticed the large number of people driving alone. He realized that vacant seats in private cars could be the beginning of a new transport network. Over the next decade, accompanied by co-founders Francis and Nicolas, the trio transformed this simple idea into the largest long-distance ride platform in the world, connecting millions of travelers with the same destination. Read more about the development of BlaBlaCar in our history!

BlaBlaCar is the world's leading long distance hitchhiking platform. We are a trusted community that connects those looking for a trip with those who have free space in the car. With 80 million members in 22 countries and 25 million travelers per quarter, we have created an innovative transportation network. Our support team, our platform (web and mobile) with cutting edge technology and our growing community of trust, make traveling with BlaBlaCar a socially enriching, financially economical and more convenient experience for our millions of members. Hitchhiking provides a unique environment, enabling the exchange of experiences between people who would not have met if it weren't for the rides. Bringing People Closer is the largest study on the social impacts of hitchhikers and reveals the social ties created through this way of traveling. In Entering the Trust Age, a study conducted in conjunction with New York University's Stern School of Business, you can also read about the digital trust tools that have enabled BlaBlaCar to nurture confidence in great scale and make it possible to share long distance travel for millions of people.

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BlaBlaCar Deals • 28/07/2021

Discover all the promotions and discounts at BlaBlaCar

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    • Everything you want to know about BlaBlaCar
      Know everything about Voucher codes, offers and discounts atBlaBlaCar

    Blablacar: 15 things you need to know before using

    Many already know Uber, the app that has been hitting head on with the taxi service. Although it is useful for traveling through the city or nearby places, the app is not a good option for those who want to take a longer trip, leaving the option of either the road service or the plane. But there is one more option that you can use for longer trips: the BlaBlacar.

    The app is ideal for those who need to travel but do not have enough money to fly, but are not so fond of traveling by bus. It allows you to choose a destination and see which driver users are going to the same location, allowing you to request a ride in exchange for a pre-defined and agreed value between the parties - in a more similar way to Airbnb. Never heard of Blablacar but did you find the proposal interesting? Then check out 15 Blablacar things you need to know before you start using them!

    1. Blablacar has been in existence for over 10 years

    Although these types of alternative services that work through websites and app have become popular recently, some of them have been around for a long time. Blablacar is even older than Airbnb itself. Launched in 2006, the service sought to connect people who do not drive and want to travel with those who already have a vehicle and places left in the car, achieving great success. In Brazil, Blablacar only arrived in 2015.

    2. Where can I use Blablacar?

    Blablacar works directly from the browser, simply access the site and create your registration. Alternatively, Blablacar can also be used on your mobile device, be it Android or iOS. Click the link to download it on Google Play from Android or go to its page on the iPhone App Store to download it.

    3. How do I hitchhike at Blablacar?

    It is quite simple. Before you even register, just enter the Blablacar website and enter the place of departure, your destination and what date you want to travel. Then, the website will provide a list with the drivers that will be traveling, their stopping places, price and how many spaces are available in the car.

    4. How do I offer a ride on Blablacar?

    The process is almost as simple as getting a ride. Still on the website, click on the Offer a ride button. Then, you will define which route you will take, the price you will charge, how many seats are available in your car and any other comments you wish to make - including whether you can make stops in other cities along the way. After publication, just wait for those interested.

    5. Is it safe to use Blablacar?

    Yes, but it is worth taking some precautions. The registration on the site is agile and fast, but the ideal - both in the search for a ride and for people to take - is to select users who have their documentation confirmed and a photo. If you are looking for a ride, it is recommended that you also ask for photos of the car to see if it is in good condition.

    6. Am I safe when I catch a ride with Blablacar?

    Yes, both private insurance and DPVAT cover all passengers in a car. We recommend that you ask the driver if your vehicle has any insurance.

    7. Can I rate a ride or passenger?

    You can, like Uber and Airbnb, Blablacar has a mutual evaluation system. That is, you can leave a review about a race you have run, which can be seen by other users.

    8. Can I take my dog ​​as a passenger?

    It depends on the driver. Blablacar has a preference area in each user's profile. There, they indicate whether they accept taking pets, whether they accept smokers or whether they have any kind of restrictions. The profile also has a short description about the user, which allows you to put any other type of information about yourself that does not appear as an option in the application.

    9. I hate to talk to strangers, will I be in trouble?

    You will hardly have any problems, since the Blablacar preferences system also allows you to indicate your level of extroversion. This means that you can define if you are a person who talks little, medium or if you like chatting a lot.

    This information is available in the profile of all users, allowing you to choose the driver or passenger that best suits your way of speaking. You can also show if you like listening to music while traveling.

    10. What can I do if something goes wrong?

    If there was a problem during the trip - such as the driver wanting to charge you for an additional fee outside the app or if he lied or omitted any information, for example - Blablacar has a customer service, which can be called through the service itself. website or app. Click on the link to access the Blablacar contact area.

    11. Levels of experience - another evaluation system

    In addition to the star rating systems, Blablacar also has another system based on video games. By classifying your users into 5 different levels of experience - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Ambassador - you can measure the level of reliability of each of them.

    12. Can I cancel an already booked trip?

    Yes, it is possible to cancel any seat reservation you have made in the application. Simply access the Reservations menu to view the trips you are taking and cancel. But remember to also send a message to the driver informing you of your change of plans.

    If you are the driver, it is worth remembering that when you cancel, the vacancy cannot be published again. You will not be penalized for cancellation, but if you cancel too often, you may be blocked by Blablacar.

    13. Is it possible to travel with women only?

    In addition to searching manually, Blablacar has an exclusive filter for women who do not feel safe traveling with male passengers or drivers. Called Just for Girls, the filter will remove all male drivers and, if you are the driver, will only appear in searches made by other women.

    14. Is it possible to take international trips?

    Yes, it is permitted to offer a lift for international travel, useful if you live in border regions. However, it is worth paying attention to the rules for entering the country you are going to travel and ask the passenger to have them up to date before the trip. If you found our article and were interested in offering this type of trip, be sure to check out the link to the Blablacar international travel section.

    Vouchers to save at BlaBlaCar

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    What is a BlaBlaCar voucher code?

    This is a unique code generated by a computer algorithm designed to offer you discounts on your next order. Also referred to as a promotional code, discount code or promo code, online stores from around the world use the alphanumeric code to offer discounts to their customers.

    How can I use BlaBlaCar discount code?

    Our voucher codes can be used in two ways. In method one, click 'SHOW CODE', copy and paste it into your shopping cart. Method two is where you click on 'VIEW OFFER' and you should be directed to the webshop. Here, the discount will be applied immediately.

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    You can also copy the voucher from BlaBlaCar by clicking at 'VIEW OFFER' or 'SHOW OFFER.'

    If the voucher code is not showing, copy it by clicking 'COPY'. If the modal is not showing, click on the big blue button with the label 'VISIT BlaBlaCar.'

    At BlaBlaCar, you can select one or more products and add them to your shopping cart. Once you are done shopping, take a close look at the shopping cart for the space made available for your promo code. Before checkout, enter the discount code in the space provided and it should be applied automatically.

    Check to ensure the voucher code is added correctly. If the voucher is not valid, then it has expired. In addition, the voucher may be valid for another product. In such a case, get another voucher code that applies for that product. Don't forget to read the terms of the discount code.

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