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Havaianas Voucher Codes ☆ October 2020

Havaianas voucher code ✂ up to 10% discount in October 2020 ✅ 5 offers and discount codes at Havaianas ⭐ FREE shipping already 4 times used

Welcome to the! Online sales website for this Brazilian sandal brand that is successful worldwide. You will be able to check all the models, the latest releases and all the news. You can also benefit from discounts and offers in the online store! Do not wait until later access the portal and place your order right away! Loja Virtual is a store specializing in the sale of women's and men's shoes.

The first Havaianas appeared in 1962. It was inspired by a typical Japanese sandal called Zori, made with fabric strips and rice straw sole. For this reason, the Havaianas rubber sole has a texture that reproduces grains of rice, one of the many details that makes it unmistakable.1970: The creation of the great slogans Imagine, already at that time they tried to imitate Havaianas, the famous Havaianas slogan. The legitimate one was then released. And just listen to the phrase Do not deform, do not release the strips and have no smell, to remember the commercials starring comedian Chico Anysio during the 70s and 80s. 1980 At this time, more than 80 million pairs of Havaianas were already sold per annum. Havaianas were so fundamental in the life of the Brazilian that, in the 80's, they were considered as one of the items of the basic basket, as well as beans and rice.

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  1. 2020-10-31 21:01:00 - Save 10% on all orders at Bunches
  2. 2020-10-31 13:06:57 - On {storename20% You can find perfect offers }. Use the vouchers or… Messy Weekend (2)
  3. 2020-10-31 12:06:44 - 10% Off Sitewide (min spend £40) Rinkit (2)
  4. 2020-10-31 12:06:43 - Enjoy 30% off! Find the latest deals and discounts at Havaianas Myvegan (2)
  5. 2020-10-31 09:06:06 - BMW parts At your disposal many offers at Havaianas
  6. 2020-10-31 09:06:06 - On {storenameLogo You can find perfect offers }. Use the vouchers or… Veranda Resorts
  7. 2020-10-31 09:06:06 - Activewear At your disposal many offers at Havaianas Ultamodan
  8. 2020-10-31 10:00:46 - Copa Copa America 2016 Kits Teamzo
  9. 2020-10-31 09:06:03 - Vday-2020-01 Valentines Gifts At your disposal many offers at Havaianas Pickupflowers
  10. 2020-10-31 09:06:01 - 15% Off Flannel Suits. Use Code at Checkout! Moss Bros Retail (2)
  11. 2020-10-31 09:06:00 - Raising Funds and Awareness for young peoples mental health problems in the Maison de Choup
  12. 2020-10-31 10:00:46 - Logo At your disposal many offers at Havaianas Lopesan
  13. 2020-10-31 09:05:58 - Save up to 60% Off the Spring Summer Menswear Collection! Joseph
  14. 2020-10-31 09:05:56 - On {storename7 - You can find perfect offers }. Use the vouchers… GiftsOnline4U
  15. 2020-10-31 09:05:56 - Promo code 40% off BCs 40% off business cards
  16. 2020-10-31 10:00:46 - Extra 50% OFF Find the latest deals and discounts at Havaianas DealeXtreme
  17. 2020-10-31 09:05:48 - Adults Hotels Discover all the promotions and discounts at Havaianas Be Live Hotels
  18. 2020-10-31 10:00:46 - BBDP Bebe De Paris™ Luxury Hampers Discover Our Baby Gift Hampers Bebe de Paris
  19. 2020-10-31 09:05:47 - On { You can find perfect offers }. Use the vouchers or… Argenteus
  20. 2020-10-31 08:09:28 - 3% Discount from Govoyagin Voyagin
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    • Everything you want to know about Havaianas
      Know everything about Voucher codes, offers and discounts atHavaianas

    Havaianas is a traditional Brazilian brand that appeared more than 100 years ago and became world famous with the unmistakable Havaianas flip flops. In the you find out more about Havaianas stores and you can also check out the Hawaiian models on offer.

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    The design of the legitimate Havaianas sandals was inspired by a typical Japanese sandal, known as Zori: shoes formed by a thin sole made of rice straw and strips of fabric. In 1962, São Paulo Alpargatas used rubber as a raw material and adapted Japanese sandals to the Brazilian market. The shape of the rice grain was used for the texture of the insole and refers to its inspiration.

    A curiosity! When Havaianas were already a success, many people started to copy them. As a result, Havaianas advertisements began to warn consumers that they should not accept fake sandals, only legitimate ones. And so much was said about fajuta that the word ended up in the Aurélio dictionary as a synonym for counterfeit and poor quality products.

    Already in the early 90s, consumers themselves dictated fashion, turning the white part of the Havaianas flip-flops downwards and leaving the colored ones upwards in an attempt to 'create' an all-color sandal. From this movement, the Havaianas monocolore slippers models emerged: the Havaianas Top sandals in black, royal blue, lilac and pink. Initially in four colors, today the Top line is available in more than 15 different colors.

    In 2007, an important phase of the international expansion of the brand began: Havaianas definitively planted its flag in the USA, with its own office in NY, and in 2008, it was Europe's turn, which gained headquarters in Madrid.

    Symbol of Brazilian high spirits anywhere in the world world, the Havaianas sandal became a subject on the pages of the world's major magazines and newspapers and won some of the most popular windows on the planet.

    Today the brand is present in more than 150 thousand points of sale throughout Brazil, exports to more than 80 countries and offers products that go far beyond the classic sandals.

    Our process


    Did you know that the Havaianas production process generates very little waste?

    The rubber in the sandals that is left over in production becomes several other products and even new Havaianas. When we reuse materials in our production, we generate less waste. Everything to maintain a sustainable vision for the company and the main thing: to make the planet beautiful as it always has been.

    Havaianas & Ipe

    The Ipê institute and Havaianas have a long-standing partnership and help conserve Brazilian biodiversity, reverting 7% of sales to the Ecological Research Institute.

    In the 16 years of partnership, more than 3.2 million trees have already been planted in the Atlantic Forest, which protects our fauna, did you know?

    Havaianas & Conservation International

    Did you know that Havaianas helps Conservation International to protect marine life, especially in the Abrolhos region, where the greatest biodiversity of the South Atlantic is located?

    Environmental preservation is a cause that we embraced with our feet!

    For over 10 years, 7% of the line's sales have been donated to the NGO Conservation International. Because it is beautiful to preserve nature.

    Havaianas Soul Collection

    Did you know that more than 60% of the Soul Collection line is made from recycled and sustainable materials, such as naturally colored organic cotton? In addition, its production uses 88% less water when compared to conventional processes. Step by step, we reach 100%.

    History of Havaianas

    From time to time, some products manage to overcome the field of simple market competition to permeate our routine. Its insertion power even promotes the creation of new metonymies that, in this case, lead us to invert a product for its brand. Among so many cases, we can point out that Havaianas occupy this privileged position when it comes to the clothing of our feet.

    Created in 1962 by the company Alpargatas, this sandal model appeared on the Brazilian consumer market through advertising with a strongly utilitarian trait. Rather than highlighting any aesthetic aspect, the first disclosures of Havaianas emphasized the fact that the sandals did not smell, did not deform or loosen the straps. Interestingly, the use value was suggestively placed above the exchange value.

    According to the notes of some researchers, the Havaianas model was inspired by a sandal model made of chipped wood and rice straw, commonly used by Japanese farmers. Perhaps because of this, the sole model has several circumferences that most resemble a grain of rice. Japanese inspiration ended up being restricted to the format, considering that the Brazilian model is all made of rubber.

    Despite not being very attractive, Havaianas have conquered the consumer's taste due to their affordable value, the comfort provided and the high resistance of the product. The appeal even inspired the production of some parallel versions, which never reached debunk the original model. Responding to several attempts at competition, the brand decided to transform the slogan of the popular sandal to 'Havaianas, the legitimate ones'.

    Don't stop now ... There's more after the publicity;)

    As time went by, new sandal models became part of the competition of this market exploring bolder shapes and more vibrant colors. Thus, even though their qualities were preserved, Havaianas became systematically associated with low-income consumers. Between the 1980s and 1990s, this new reality bluntly threatened the survival of the product on store shelves.

    Sensing the change in the winds, an aggressive advertising campaign tried to offer new colors and models for Havaianas. In addition, several television celebrities were hired who paraded happily with the pair of sandals that 'everyone wears'. In a short time, the new proposal reworked the symbolic positioning of that long-standing product.

    Using more attractive displays and models that suited the most different possibilities of taste, Havaianas began to occupy Brazilian and foreign feet. In 1998, during the French Cup, the company launched a promotional model that carried the Brazilian flag on the straps. At the same time, Queen Silvia of Sweden was spotted wearing a pair of Havaianas while visiting the country.

    In the year 2000, the success experienced paved the way for the opening of Havaianas stores in the most luxurious shopping centers in the United States and Europe. Since then, this pair of sandals that managed to revolutionize appears in the composition of the look of several celebrities of international projection. Without a doubt, even a simple sandal like this can indicate the transformation of our paradigms of beauty ... and ugliness!

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    Our voucher codes can be used in two ways. In method one, click 'SHOW CODE', copy and paste it into your shopping cart. Method two is where you click on 'VIEW OFFER' and you should be directed to the webshop. Here, the discount will be applied immediately.

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