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Minifigures is a group of four big LEGO fans with a weakness for minifigure mods who are passionate about bringing you a fantastic range of custom and creative, collectible and rare LEGO minifigures. Also Minifigures is committed to helping inspire amazing people like you to get creative with all of their products and create their own minifigures from the wide range you will find on the website.

Minifigures is avidly enthusiastic about what they do, and they hope they see it reflected in the dedication to providing all customers with a fantastic experience, as well as service that always exceeds expectations and sometimes even surprises with a little more. than expected. Thanks to this dedication to being as amazing as the customers, Minifigures has built an incredible community of followers and loyal customers on the networks and on his blog. They often organize special discounts for customers as a thank you for becoming a fan or follower of the beloved modified LEGO figures. Minifigures can be a great way to discover how creativity builds new worlds. Minifigures started as children as the passion grew there, fortunately. Now as a UK micro-business Minifigures, they are dedicated and will continue to create multiple minifigures designed with love and personality, they are uniquely created by themselves. Minifigures creates a unique quality in catalog products.

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Create your own LEGO Arrowverse minifigures (Part 1)

LEGO has been releasing Marvel and DC themed sets steadily since 2012. Interestingly, other than some exclusive Comic-Con minifigures, LEGO has not released any sets that are connected to the CW's DC superhero shows (commonly known as Arrowverse). , which also debuted in 2012.

Now the Arrowverse is home to some of my favorite DC characters like Green Arrow, Deathstroke, and many others, and while LEGO has released sets containing some of these minifigures before, they have not been related to their Arrowverse counterparts and have. done. often it has only been included in one model. So since I don't have more than $ 300 to spend on the Green Arrow Comic-Con exclusive, my brother and I decided it was time to bring him and other Arrowverse characters to LEGO by making our own custom versions of them. And now, I'm going to walk you through it so that you can do them too.

Green Arrow

The emerald archer. The man who started the Arrowverse. Green Arrow is such a prominent DC character, especially after Arrow was a hit. Despite being such an iconic DC character, outside of his 2013 Comic-Con minifigure, he was only released on one set in 2016: Darkseid Invasion.

To make Green Arrow, you will only need one part of the official minifigure: the face. It's hard to make Green Arrow without his signature green mask, though you can use one of Robin's newer faces with green masks if you're having a hard time finding one. The other minifigures needed for this version are Mirkwood Elf from The Hobbit, which is where I got the dark green hood and torso from, and the Rogue Archer from LEGO Minifigures Series 16, which is where the legs are from. To top it off, you will need the compound bow that is thrown prominently alongside Hawkeye.


Every good hero has a partner. Batman has Robin. Captain America had Bucky Barnes. In Arrow, Oliver Queen takes Roy Harper under his wing, or while he passes the Arrowverse, Arsenal. Roy also had an exclusive Comic-Con release in 2015.

Most of the pieces needed for the Arsenal are pretty common and it was the easiest for us to do. You will need a black hood, a pair of black legs, another compound bow, and a black quiver. The torso can be found on the Skyhopper pilot minifigure, which is now easy to come by with the recent launch of the Skyhopper microfighter last year. The last piece needed is the Lone Ranger face, though you could substitute it for Hawkeye's face from his Avengers or Age of Ultron variants. The choice is yours.

Slade Wilson

(aka Deathstroke) is one of my favorite comic book villains of all time. Sadly, LEGO has only released him in one model, the 2016 Batboat. I love his costume in Arrow season 2, but without his iconic orange mask, I couldn't do him justice. However, what I was able to do was make a figure based on his time with Oliver on the island of Lian Yu.

To make the appearance of Lian Yu from Slade, you will need parts of four minifigures. Hair is the most common part of this figure and can be found on characters from Superman to Poe Dameron. The scabbard for his katanas can be found in Reaper from the Overwatch theme. The other parts are a bit more complicated. You'll need Tasu Leech from the 2015 Millennium Falcon for the face and the Spider-Man Stealth Suit from the 2019 Molten Man set for the torso and legs. All in all, I'm very happy with the outcome of this minifigure, but LEGO, if you could release another Deathstroke soon, that would be great.

Sara Lance

(aka White Canary) was first introduced to Arrow, but she really stood out on the Legends of Tomorrow show. She is another character who, for the most part, is really easy to do. Her face, hair, and legs are fairly common and can be found in a variety of minifigures. Her torso and her canes were a little harder to come by. Her torso is only found in Proxima Midnight from the 2018 Hulkbuster set, and this was a part that we had to acquire through Bricklink. You can make her staffs with two white lightsaber hilts and two white wands from the newer Harry Potter minifigures. She's not the most detailed figure we made, but she looks pretty accurate for her on-screen counterpart of hers.

Eobard Thawne

Or Reverse-Flash, is my favorite villain in the Arrowverse (i.e. Eobard in season 1 of The Flash). While LEGO has released Reverse-Flash in a set before, they have never released a minifigure of him in his Harrison Wells guise, which is a shame. But since they haven't, I'll tell you how to do it.

Like White Canary and Arsenal, you will only need smooth black legs for Eobard. The face is really common these days, as you can find it on almost every Harry Potter figure currently on the shelves. The lightning scar doesn't match his appearance, but this was the only bespectacled face he had and the spiky black hair covers it for the most part (it also matches the sigil of the lightning bolt and Flash's). The torso is from Bruce Banner from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, and the arms are from the LEGO Minifigures Series 12 video game type. I'm very happy with how this Eobard turned out.

Black Lightning

Is one of the newer titular characters in the Arrowverse. Like Green Arrow and Arsenal, Black Lightning was released as a Comic-Con exclusive, although his was most recently from 2018. This custom of Black Lightning is a fusion of Black Vulcan from The LEGO Batman Movie and Falcon from Captain America. : Civil War. The torso comes from Black Vulcan, while the face and hair come from Falcon. The printed legs are from the first order TIE pilot, although the normal black legs will suffice. Finally, the Yellow Rays can be found with Bumblebee from the DC Collectible Minifigure Series.

Vandal Savage

has been a part of DC myth since 1943 and is a recognizable name for fans of this universe, but it has yet to be released as a LEGO minifigure. He first appeared in the Arrowverse in a Flash / Green Arrow crossover that led to the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. He's not the best villain in the Arrowverse, but he's not the worst either and his looks are great so I decided to give it a go.

Once again, Tasu Leech was used to create this custom, this time providing Savage's hair. His face comes from Blackbeard, from the Pirates of the Caribbean line of 2012. Reaper is also used in this custom, giving Savage his flowing cape. You can use a standard black cape if you want, but I think this smaller version works better for it. His torso is from a First Order Officer from a 2017 battle pack, and his legs can be found in the Infinity War variant of Doctor Strange. I have to say that while I'm not a huge fan of his character, this custom might be a favorite on this list. It turned out much better than he expected.

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Modified Minifigures bring new character creation possibilities and unlimited creativity to all LEGO fans. Minifigures is for all LEGO fans and collectors, for those who are passionate about the new and for all those who want to enter this world of fun, joy and happiness, for children of all ages who know that growing up is not an impediment to enjoy these amazing Minifigures will give you the ability to make you love collecting and creating new inspiring characters. You can access these from a very cheap cost, enjoy them today by entering the website that Minifigures has so you can see the entire catalog and see a series of characters already modified, see what there is!

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